Affordable, Damage Free
Strut Bearing Replacement
 No Prop Shaft, Strut or Rudder Removal “Manual or Hydraulic Operation”

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The Most Cost Effective Marine Tool You Can Own!

Imagine reducing the time it takes to replace a worn strut bearing by up to 90% and never having to remove the propeller shaft, rudder or strut!  

You can with Strut-Pro®. It’s easy, damage-free; plus, you never change critical alignments.   Now in use by over 2,000 marine repair businesses worldwide.  You can even use it under water!

All components are precision plasma and laser formed for exact tolerances. These horseshoes show stacked sequences to match propeller shaft and bearing outside diameter measurements.  Now available up to 4-1/4”.

Best Quality Materials

Laser Cut Accuracy

Precision Formed

80,000 Lb. Tensile Steel Collets

Guaranteed Tolerances

Made Entirely From Structural Steel

Unsurpassed Quality

Note the hardened steel washers with bronze thrust washers for super smooth, non galling operation. Heavy hex acorn nuts provide continual use without fatigue. Front and aft yokes are made of  T-1 steel and zinc plated for a long service life.

Say Goodbye to Propeller Shaft, Strut or Rudder Removal

Bronze Thrust Bearings  

Tremendous Power

Super Smooth

One Person Operation

Oil Impregnated Bearings

Anyone in the marine repair industry is aware of the many complications normally involved with replacing a worn strut bearing. It usually goes something like this:  First you remove the prop, then loosen the flange on the gear (transmission), of which the fasteners are usually rusted or corroded. Next you remove the propeller shaft or the strut.  If the shaft is in line with the rudder, then it too requires removal.  This means disconnecting the steering. All said, this takes many hours of labor, a lot of time involved, and not always damage free.

With Strut-Pro® this process goes a whole lot smoother since there is no removal of the propeller shaft, strut or rudder.  There is no cutting, beating or destruction of any kind.  Strut fasteners and bedding do not require repair because there is no pressure applied to any area other than the strut. All done in an hour or less.

Now, how does that sound?

Collets are what push out the old bearing.  Strut Pro collets are precision laser cut, then hydraulically formed in permanent dies.  They are made from high tensile Grade 80, nearly three times stronger than stainless steel, then ceramic tumbled and zinc plated.  

Prop Puller Plate
With this horseshoe blank your Strut Pro to tool converts to a great 2 or 4 blade Prop Puller.  This horseshoe blank goes in place of the aft horseshoe and butts up to the prop shaft.  The forward yoke fits to the front of the propeller hub.
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New! Hydraulic Model Now Available
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Now Available Manual or Hydraulic Versions
Hydraulic upgrade for all new and existing Strut Pro tools. New record of 10 minutes start to finish with this bearing replacement! 42’ Ocean Alexander.