Replace your Strut bearing with ease.

With our patented Cutless Bearing Replacement Tool strut bearing removal and installation takes less than an hour. Increase your hourly profit rate exponentially and take back 8-10 hours of labor every time you use it. Our tools pay for themselves.

NO dropping the shaft or cutting out bearings!

*Free shipping in the US only.

Individual Yard Kit to remove your strut bearings

About Our Tools

Strut Pro® Cutless Bearing Replacement Tools are built in the USA. Currently, there are over 3,000 marine repair yards around the world now using Strut Pro® Bearing Replacement Tools. Professionals and do-it-yourself boat owners widely accept our products as the standard in affordable strut-bearing replacement.

Strut Pro® manual tools use threaded rods that are precision made from grade B-7 steel using a roll thread technique. They are finished with an oil-impregnated hot black oxide treatment that provides a smooth, burr-free finish that stands up to continuous service.

The ends are chamfered and inspected to ensure long service life. Add the anti-seize (included), and your threaded rods will last for years.  

All Strut Pro® tools are constructed using high tensile T-1 steel, nearly three times stronger than stainless steel, and are designed to provide many years of uninterrupted service. Our collets are precision laser cut to fit perfectly. In addition, our precision CNC machined tapered nut is also hot black oxide treated for extreme service duty. 

All components are made to exacting standards to provide you with trouble-free use that pays for itself the first or second use. 

Manuals and How-to Videos

We offer both written and video instructions on how to use our tools.



Strut Pro How to Videos show you how to use our Cutless Bearing Replacement Tool to remove your strut bearing without dropping the shaft or cutting the bearing

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Fan Mail

Strut Pro tools make changing your bearing so easy and we’ve got the fans to prove it.

“Holey Moley Curtis this tool is amazing both in quality and ability to remove cutlass bearings. I am also an aircraft mechanic and use only the best tools in my shop to do whatever job we have to do. You guys make high quality tools. Saying thanks isn’t enough!
Darren S.
Yesterday I successfully replaced the bearing, just within an hour!  It was indeed a very easy job with the help of your tool. Thanks again, for inventing this time-saving tool!!  
B.R. Eddy
Thank you for the 4 washers that I received recently.  I purchased my kit about 6 years ago and the washers made my removal job very easy.  I recommend your product quite often.
David G.
Received the puller yesterday and used it today.  What a wonderful piece of equipment! 30 min start to finish for a first-time user. Bet I can do it in half the time next time.  Thanks for your great assistance with the purchase and will be ordering more sizes in the future.
Ken W.