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About Strut Pro® Cutlass Bearing Replacement Tools

Created and Made in the USA.

Strut Pro® Cutlass Bearing Replacement Tools are created by Global Marine Industries, Inc. and its founder Mike Oberg of Washington State. Mike is a seasoned inventor, boater, fisherman, and part of the Oberg Family who invented the racing oil filters. Mike developed the tool specifically to decrease the amount of work involved when it came to removing and replacing strut bearings.

After owning many successful marine-based businesses, Mike decided to retire and sold the business to Curtis Knutson in 2020.

About Curtis Knutson

Curtis Knutson, an avid boater and businessman, bought Strut Pro from Global Marine and formed Superior Stainless Design & Manufacturing LLC in 2020. The products are still manufactured in Washington State using the same techniques as Global Marine.

Curtis has a strong background in design, fabrication, and running fab and machine shops so owning Strut Pro is a natural fit for him.

In Curtis’ spare time he enjoys spending time with his family and dogs as well as cruising and fishing the Puget Sound.

Contact Curtis today with any questions you may have about the tools.