Fan Mail

Read more about how Strut Pro tools have become a must-have tool for quickly and efficiently replacing your bearings in your boat, yacht, tournament, ski, or wakeboard.

Good Afternoon Guys, We LOVE our 20 ton press kit we bought from you all!!!  By ALL means go ahead and use us as a reference!!!!
Bill Dalton, Apex Marine Repair
I purchased a Strut Pro® kit from you a couple of years ago and have used it many times. Love it. We have saved a lot of customers a lot of money for strut bearing replacement, and future repair bills for tranny bearings and hull/strut fractures.
Rod Brando, Sheen Marine
We were able to remove the Strut bearing thanks to your help and Strut Pro®  Bearing Replacement Tools, I have attached a picture of the bearing removed. I have never seen a bearing like this with an outside housing of some type of composite, almost plastic material. Again, thanks to Steve and you for your help in getting the job done as we were under a tight schedule with the USCG.
Capt. Joe Harvey, Celebration Cruises
Great Tool! Great Service!  I recently bought a Strut Pro® tool to remove a cutlass bearing on a 30′ sailboat that I am restoring. The bearing was the original from 1976! This tool made it possible to remove the corroded bearing with relative ease. I don’t think it could have come out without this device. Also, the people were very easy to deal with.  Anyway, Thanks guys for your help and for being so responsive!
Charles Powell
I wanted to let you know that after receiving the Strut-Pro® tool kit, I was able to use it on my 30-foot sailboat, while she was still in the water! It probably took a little more time to assemble the tool underwater, on SCUBA, while hanging on to the propeller shaft with one hand, then it would have out of water. But, once I got it all together, it worked like a charm. It drove out the old strut bearing (which had been in there for over 30 years).This was a huge money saver for me, as where I live in Guam, there are no travel lifts, only cranes, so a haul out is very expensive.
Todd A.
I purchased the Strut Pro®  puller and used it. It was worth every penny and then some!!! Worked like a charm. The only thing I wish was that I had done it when my boat was in the water on the lift. Would have been easier to use a socket wrench standing in the water at a working level behind the boat. Instead, I did it while the boat was on the trailer, laying on a creeper. That worked too, except the angles were a little awkward.  This thing was a piece of cake to use. It worked so good pushing the old one out and the two new ones in. I would never do it the old-fashioned way! 
Tom K.
I picked the tool up this morning and am happy to report that two Buck cutlass bearings have been removed successfully. Only got this boat two years ago, but am guessing that the bearings have been in place for at least 12 years, mainly in salt water, hence I expected them to put up a fight.  But to my relief, once everything was snug and aligned, the first few turns caused the bearing to move. The second half of the story is that installing two new bearings was a breeze and only took about an hour.  Thanks for making such an awesome tool!
Dallas S.
Just to give you some feedback about the kit. It arrived eventually after the UK Customs released it. We have used the kit, and I thought you might like to know what was the outcome.  My boat is a Princess 45 motorboat built 1986. The Cutlass Bearings had never been touched since the boat was built.  It took just over an hour each to remove the bearings, this was amazing.  The man hours saved was considerable.  No couplings, strength tube packing, and shaft to remove. My Engineer said it was such a well-made item.  My boat is in the Hamble River the most important area in the UK for pleasure craft so we will spread the good word.
I wanted to let you know I received the kit a few weeks back and was put into use straight away. What would have been a 6-hour job removing couplings, rudders, and shafts on a twin install, the Strut Pro® kit reduced to 2 hours!  Magic. Really impressed with it. I have hired it out to a competitor 20 miles away from me who will be contacting you to purchase one also. Can I ask you for the graphic file so I can get some decals for my van, please?
I just wanted to let you know that I was able to change out my port cutlass bearing yesterday in no time underwater.  That saved me a round trip to Honolulu and a lot of down time.  It took longer to pull the prop than it did to change the bearing!  It is a wonderful tool and I would highly recommend it to any one.  Many thanks to you and Charlie for a great tool and great people to work with.
I purchased my kit last Fall, but unexpected events prevented me from actually using it until my boat was hauled this Spring. All I can say is WOW! From the time I opened the box, it was only about a half hour before the old bearing was out and the new one installed. The whole procedure was simple and painless, plus I was able to do it all myself. Without this tool it is most likely I would have had the yard perform the work, meaning remove the rudder, prop shaft, etc. and would have cost several times what the Strutpro cost me. This tool basically more than paid for itself with a single use. My son also has a boat in need of a cutlass bearing, and the Strut Pro tools will, again, save a pile of money and time. Thanks for producing such a great and useful tool, I couldn’t be happier!
George R.
I just wanted to thank you for producing an excellent tool. I used the tool on Saturday and had a great experience. Once assembled, the process took only a few minutes per side, indeed my experience showed that each bearing was removed in much less than 10 minutes per side.  I have already shown this to my local marina, who will probably be in touch with you soon regarding a kit. I also showed this kit to one of my friends at my marina and he was very impressed and also quite upset because he had spent over 6 hours removing 1 stubborn bearing the weekend before – which I could have removed with the tool in minutes!  In summary, this is a high-quality product, which offers real value for money, and one I am very pleased with.
Used the tool yesterday.  Everything went perfectly according to plan.  Had old cutlass bearing out in less than half an hour, very smooth operation, it is a great tool. I am very pleased with how easy it was to use.
I actually called you guys already, got my toolset last Thursday… yanked the two cutlasses late Friday and popped the new ones in… worked like a charm and saved my launch date… splashed at noon today and boats running better than ever.
Mike H.